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Hi guys! I know these days have been especially difficult for us all so just wanted to say that I hope everybody is doing alright. Lately, I've realised a pattern during my time in lockdown. I am currently in Spain and we are not allowed out for barely anything, not even to go for walks. This is taking a toll on many people I know but I have realised that a lot of people who have faith are generally handling this situation well. I don’t mean that people who don’t have faith aren’t, but from my experience people who believe are handling it better. It reminds me of a story my catechist once told me about bamboo. So, farmers who plant bamboo spend roughly 7 years watering the soil without seeing anything grow. Imagine that! For 7 years, every single morning, waking up early, working on something and seeing absolutely no change. This can be applied to our own lives as we can often get frustrated when we don’t see results after putting in a lot of work. What’s really happening is that during those 7 years, the bamboo grows enormous strong roots and then, after those long years, the bamboo grows to 30 meters just within 3 weeks! 30 meters. Can you imagine that?! If you think about it, without those roots, the bamboo would eventually fall and break. What I wanted to say with all of this is that a lot of people ask “how can you believe in something that you can´t even see?” and my answer to that is, you just have to have faith and believe that everything happens for a reason. Why not take the chance now and try to grow those roots inside of you? Guys, we have so much time right now. Let’s not see the negative side of all of this and try to build ourselves as better people!

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