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The society we live in today has reformed it's social structure and culture. Technology is not to be blamed for what is coming up next, but its reckless and silly consumption has made us accept to settle for a complacent and average life. With the wild development of technology, we are feeding our system, distractions; the appetite to excel has tumbled and the attention span plummetted.

We all have been victims of the mindless channel and social media surfing, meaningless interactions that we now have forgotten to create, and built more real connections and significant conversations.

The cue to regain creativity, mastery over life, and deliver extraordinary results is through practicing every action with the truest conviction and brutal honesty, that it becomes your second nature. Commitment performed wholeheartedly in the most trivial or mundane duties echoes the degree of one's self-respect. Robin Sharma in his bestseller 'The 5 am Club’ states “the grade of work you present in the world, reflects the strength of your core abilities".

It is the great leaders, entrepreneurs, businessmen, or world-class athletes, that have overpowered the art of commitment to their goals and visions. It is a prevailing belief, that the pioneers of their respective crafts had inborn qualities to achieve outstanding and remarkable results; they had it easy. No, it is not!!

What it is, is their obstinate dedication and rigorous practice, to achieve what they have today that declared them the masters of knowledge, money, and art.

Time is like a double-edged sword. The time you invest in committing to your goals and sharpen your skills will become your ally. The time mindlessly wasting on trivial things, becomes your enemy. It is the commitment and dedication in baby steps that gradually lead you to outshine others. Breakthrough is nothing, but the colossal of positive learning patterns followed religiously every day till the day you finally make through it.

Resoluteness to one's true ability, to achieve the Everest of their skills, is predominantly present in all the human beings, one just needs to be aware and activate the potential. Researchers say it is one's self-belief that limits them to realize their potential and fulfill all they aspire to, not the absence of the skills.

Commitment is a virtue needed in all spheres of life, then be it, life, goals, achievements, relationship, or fitness.

Fairly straightforward as it might sound, but it's the expertise to invest in one's growth by prioritising time, energy, and money, that makes one attain all that they yearn to.

Now when you know, all that it takes to succeed is already there in you too, then what are you waiting for, grab the opportunities, seize your day and live your potentials to the fullest!

Written by our very special friend Juhi!

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