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Why does disappointment hurt so much? Just think, when you do something wrong, the worst thing your parents can say is “I’m not angry, just disappointed”. These words are like a punch to the chest and often hurt a lot more than simply being told-off. I have never really been taught how to deal with disappointment and have lately been struggling with it. Sometimes, people have extremely high expectations of others and then you suddenly find yourself crushing against a wall. How do you deal with that strange pain then? Game-plan:

1st: acknowledge your feelings. Sometimes you try and make excuses like: “owww she/he might not be talking to me because I did this wrong…”. Stop blaming yourself, it’s them not you (cringe breakup line but totally right!)

2nd: Talk to someone about it. When a person means so much to you, little things they do accidently can seem like a tsunami of negative emotions. That is why talking to someone about it is so important. They give you another prospective (perspective??) and make (help you see? Suena mejor) you see things clearer.

3rd: Decide whether or not to talk with that person about it. This can be very difficult. Sometimes, it's simply not worth it, but I usually ask people to always do this. Speaking up is so important, not only to let that person know how you are feeling but also for you to stop overthinking. It's important to do this in the most calm and respectful environment (need to practice on this lol) and try to have an open mind. You never know what’s happening in the other person’s life, they may be struggling too.

4th: See the amazing life you have. Being disappointed is way too time consuming. If you continually obsess yourself with this and forget about all the other amazing people that surround you. Anything that is worth being in your life will always come back to you, I promise.

Hope this helps guys xx

u like it?

Love it :).

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