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Find your passion (with prizes!) - Deadline: 31/03/2020

We at happier souls are challenging you to start to find you passion! Now we're not guaranteeing that by the end of the week you'll find your passion but you will be taking steps in the right direction to discovering it.

So the challenge...

We want you to write a list of your passions, don't worry if the list isn't too long but try to come up with at least 5. If you need help with understanding what passion is take a look at our blog by clicking here and then head back here!

Then for every day of the week spend around 10 minutes reflecting or learning more about the things you listed. You don't need to do this for all of them, I would say pick the top three things you're most passionate about and do it for them.

One really important thing to keep in mind is that you want to do this in an environment where you can relax and think clearly. Additionally, I know this might be hard for a lot of us, especially at our age but switch your phone off or put it completely out of sight when you're doing this so you don't get distracted.

Then all you need to do is write a sentence or two on what you reflected on and how it made you feel. If you want to take it a step further then also start to write down how you could go about actually carrying out what you're thinking about.

Here is a worksheet to help you out:

...and that's it!


The competition ends at 6:00pm on Tuesday and we will announce a winner at 8:00pm on our Instagram so make sure you go give it a follow!

All you have to do is comment 'done' on our insta post about the competition and message us with proof of what you reflected on.

The winner will be randomly selected and will win an amazon gift card!

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