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Heart, head, and hand - How to accomplish your goals!

We all have goals that we want to accomplish but there are 3 steps to execution and having clarity in these stages is vital for you to accomplish your goals efficiently.

John Ruskin was the leading English art critic of the Victorian era and he had a technique for his designers called ‘Heart, head, and hand’. He wanted his designers to consider these three steps when designing anything and using this, their work greatly improved. When I was reading about this I realised that this just didn’t apply for them but us too. Each of these 3 steps are as important as each other but need to be done in a specific order or they won’t work. 

Firstly, it’s heart. 

Whatever you decide to do it has to be something that you truly feel passionate about. If whatever you’re doing doesn’t cause you to feel something within the likelihood is that you’ll give up and you won’t enjoy the time spent doing it. Having your heart in what you’re doing will also help you to overcome any difficulties that you face.

Secondly, it’s head.

This means think about what steps you will have to take to achieve your goal. It includes researching what it takes to carry out your goals and creating compelling targets. Taking time to make a plan is necessary and being logical about your goals is important and skipping this step will cause you to exhaust yourself as you will be putting in effort aimlessly.


Lastly, it’s hand. 

The hand represents action. Once you have the plan ready it’s time to execute. Most people don’t get to this stage and they get confused at making a plan. They think about all the things that could go wrong and they never take action. However, without action, nothing ever gets done. Don’t let anything stop you from taking action, if you can think of anything that’s holding you back from taking action, I challenge to tackle that starting today!

I hope that you found this structure useful and you can apply it to your own life!

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