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How do you feel when your wifi is slow?

William Penn once said, "Time is what we want most but use worst".

Time is something that we all want more of (well at least when we're not in quarantine) but very few actually understand the power of dedicating our time to a certain area. The area that I want you to focus on today is relationships.

Many people, especially nowadays, have so many 'friends' and people that they talk to regularly but have you ever stopped to think about how good these friends actually are? Now, more than ever, people lack the ability to remain patient in relationships and as a direct result of this, we struggle to create deep meaningful relationships. One of the main reasons for this is that due to technology we're so used to having absolutely everything given to us instantly. Whether it's Amazon's next day deliveries, Just Eat coming to your day with hot food, or even just being able to find out anything you want to know by googling it. This 'instant gratification' becomes a habit and directly translates to our relationships.

Just think. The last time your wifi was the tiniest bit slow, how frustrating is it? We're so used to having things quickly but unfortunately, one thing that you can't rush is a strong relationship. They take time. There's nothing more to it. If you really want to build a strong relationship, time is a big factor and it's completely out of your control. Trying to rush this won't work. The strongest relationships are made of people who grow together and growth isn't something that you can speed up. Allow time for you and the people you care about to grow and make sure that you stay involved in their growth, even if this is simply by asking 'How are you?' and deeply caring about the answer.

Not only is patience important for creating strong relationships but also for maintaining them. Healthy relationships have a lot of empathy from both people. This is what stops them from biting each other head off every time they have a disagreement. Practicing patience is very underrated but the benefits of being patient are very rewarding. You'll see yourself taking time to really enjoy the conversations that you have and you'll become a much more understanding person overall.

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