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Isa life update!

Hi guys!

Hope that you are all well! I wanted to say sorry to all of you because I feel that lately, I haven’t given you my 100%. I’ve been preparing everything to go back to the UK and not going to lie, I’ve been so nervous.

I want to do this week's blog a bit different and talk about a problem that I feel all uni students face which is our double lives.

I just feel like a mess. I’ve already gotten used to waking up with my mum shouting, Sunday’s family dinners, getting your own car, and do random road trips in your own city... Sounds bad but it’s been 6 months since we were properly at uní and I guess we humans forget the feeling of it, and it just doesn’t help how we don’t really know how this year is going to be. We need to quarantine for two weeks and learn how to be by ourselves again, which is what scares me the most. I am tired of saying goodbye to people I love, losing contact with others, and just constantly missing people when you are in one place or the other.

But inside of all of this, I guess we need to find the excitement of the situation, and what makes me smile is realizing how much time I’m going to have to get to know myself better and grow as a person. I just need to remind myself how everything will be back to normal or even better in some week's time! Learn to be patient, and realise that we are all in the same situation! Getting yourself outside of that comfort zone that COVID has created is going to be difficult, but also so rewarding guys, just remember that :)

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