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Letting Go

We humans are strange beings, always found clinging to the ugly and the bad experiences, lingering onto the memories of yesteryears- daydreaming, contemplating or regretting. Engrossed in lamenting about the past and anxiously thinking of the future, we somewhere forget the zeal of living in the moment to enjoy the Joy of Life, the gift we have in hand at present.

Every third person you come across, once in a while, undergoes exhaustion due to mental turmoil, proliferating the clouds of conflicts, disbeliefs, hopelessness, inhibitions and insecurities. Ever thought of why in-spite of having such a powerful machine, our brain, the distressing and poignant memories of yesteryears leave a more prominent imprint than the sunny and cheerful ones! As if, being equipped with worldly worries has become our second nature.

The inability to reinforce the most important life skill- "the science of letting go" into action will appropriately answer this irony.

The human mind, a mysteriously powerful organ, fundamentally designed to discern between right and wrong, good and bad (a distinguishing difference between a human and an animal), gets clustered with grief and doubt, unpleasant experiences- experiences that not only slow down the adroit thinking ability but also contradict with the true nature of science - to acquire a stable energy state, here which would be referred to as a placid mental habitat

The brain is also responsible for filtering trivialities and storing crucial information, ultimately forming biases and molding personality, when burdened with the heavy weight of awful and vile data, circulates and operates on the filth fed to the system; thereby generating a flow of unenthusiastic vibe.

Letting Go is analogous to breathing, yes, you read right, but how? How a mundane activity like breathing which you indulge in every single second of your day, both consciously and unconsciously, without which you aren’t alive, tantamount to letting go of unpleasant experiences that stymies your growth and peace? Inquisitive much, just like without breathing, a living body is declared dead, similarly, a human mind, without constantly filtering and jettisoning the conflicts, the developed dogmas, slowly and gradually transcends towards captivity; captivity of your own thoughts!

Letting Go is as easy as breathing, you might find me naïve or incredulous to believe the above stated mantra, but trust me, it is definitely not as difficult as I have hyped it to be. This incredible analogy between breathing and letting go is the most ancient and widely celebrated.


Breathing is rhythmic expansion and contraction of the diaphragm while inhaling and exhaling, and so is letting go. When the mind cannot let go, it attracts discomforts, becomes anxious thereby shrinking and contracting, but when the mind is free to explore, it attracts pleasant emotions, further strengthening the mental agility and relinquishing the power from the burdens of doubt to govern and control the quality of life.

Inhale all the positivity, re-energize your whole body and mind, and exhale all the thoughts that hold you back, let go of anything and everything that causes disturbance. Just implement it consciously and religiously, you yourself will unravel the serenity and calmness of life. Letting go of sensations that breaks your heart, weaken your spirits and engenders mental havoc, also obviously doesn't mean to become ignorant towards the by-feelings, but to accept the overwhelming thoughts you encounter on a daily basis, bring them to your awareness, gently analyzing the mental processes and emotional reactions. Don't let them settle and stagnate in your mind.

Remember folks nothing thrives and survives under the imprisonment of fear and uncertainty. Everything in nature blooms and flourishes when exposed to freedom and sunshine. A plant shoots up after getting liberated from the soil. Salvation from the feelings that hinder your spiritual, emotional and psychological sanity, engulfs tranquility and peace, henceforth, expanding the reach to true essence of one's soul. Embrace the freedom by letting go of all the barriers.

This blog was written by Juhi Agarwal!

Check out her LinkedIn here:

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