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Open your eyes!

Believe in something that you cannot see. Sounds crazy right? But on the other hand, why not? When you use your laptop and you send an email, you believe that the email will reach the other person instantly. Do we know exactly how this is done? Well, unless you are a genius (congrats if you are), no. However, we simply believe it because we’re told so. Faith is like this. It is there; you just have to ‘open your eyes’.

There are many different things that you can faith in, it could be religion, it could be the universe or even in your own personal belief. For example, lets imagine that everything happens for a reason. Now this may or may not be true but deciding to believe in something like this can change the way you respond to situations. So, let's consider both outcomes if you fail a job interview.

A) If you fail the job interview and don’t have any underlying beliefs, you’re more likely just to give up.


B) If you fail and believe that everything happens for a reason, you’ll try to take a lot more positives out of the situation.

How do you open your eyes?

This is one of the hardest questions to answer. I feel that our lives move very quickly sometimes. Lectures, societies, parties... and you never really have time to process what is really happening. However, just remember that you can stop whenever you want. Once I was with my group of friends just having a laugh and I instantaneously stopped and looked around. All the smiles, hugs… don’t know how to really explain it… that energy in the room, that is faith. The society we are now living in moves so quickly that it is so easy to forget how beautiful life is. So just try to slow down at any point, and try to write down what you are most grateful of and why. I promise you this is the first step, not only to opening your eyes but your heart too.

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