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Quality in Quarantine

Scrolling through your phone indefinitely while binging shows like “The Office” for the 4th time, perhaps the only way to laze is to push ourselves deep into the realms of questionable forms of entertainment. We quarantined ourselves in March, in the hopes that we will be able to proceed with our lives in a couple of months, but with a blink of an eye, we are here, about to end 2020. This time at home, away from people, has had a different kind of effect on everyone. But I think the people who have been affected the most are the extroverts of our society.

The ever so bubbling humans bursting with exhilarating energies, extroverts are the reason why some people are introverts! Their unquenched thirst of talking to random people, at a random time, about random topics is a congenital skill that they possess. As you can imagine, they are the life of the party with their endless unfiltered extempore. But since there are no more parties, no more get together and minimal human interaction, one can say that they have suffered. They have suffered not just because of their lack of human interaction but also because of the overall reduction of work and engagement in their life. Due to this, many of them have started to experience loneliness. Generally speaking, human interaction is critical for our survival and while most of us being introverts feel this longingness, we can imagine the kind of impact this quarantine must have had on these overly-enthusiastic monkeys.

On the brighter side, this quarantine might have been a blessing in disguise. A chance to evolve and change themselves. No matter how much we emphasize how important human interaction is, we must remember that adequate alone time is also necessary for our consciousness. We need peace to self-reflect on things that have happened, meditate on events that will take place, and build space between us and our insecurities. Even for extroverts, this time is crucial as this is the only time, they fight their inner battles, the demons that they hide from the world. Human interaction is vital, but not so much that we start hating humans. What this quarantine has done is unprecedented, it has given people a chance to connect with themselves and also the opportunity to improve themselves for good.

While all that said, one must never miss the opportunity to talk, love or miss someone. No matter who you are, find people that you love and keep them close to your heart so that when the time is not right and you feel empty, they can enrich your life with and joy and hope.

P.S. – Don’t let this quarantine break you, stay strong!

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