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Roots of Adversity

Most of your early lives are spent in developing your personal selves, a self that can take on the world without any problems. That self usually evolves through an ever-lasting process of maturation and growth. Growth, as I like to put it, is like a tree, entrenching its roots into the inner sanctums of mother earth. As it grows, you see its exterior as a mere deception of what is actually happing in its core.

Why do I use it as a metaphor? Well, because your life goes through a process equivalent to that of a tree. As you grow wiser, the roots of your experiences go deep within your consciousness, strengthening the stability of your reality in the face of adversity. Sometimes, it may seem from the outside that your growth is stagnated, but the external façade of a tree can never give a proper representation of how profound its roots are. So, it is imperative for you to trust the route that you are walking because only the path of pain and misery can help you against the untimely events that are far beyond prognostication.

The number of unforeseen episodes that take place is the reason why you must be emotionally and mentally robust. A lot of you guys are obsessed planners and strategists in almost every field of life, much of your time goes into extensive planning that never really works in your favour, and virtually every time things go wrong due to variables. The certainty of uncertain events is the only constant in this ever-changing world. No matter how many contingency plans you make, failures and breakdowns are bound to happen; hence you should be psychologically primed for shit to south.

Handling unforeseen events is a tedious task which accordingly requires experience, and that wisdom is gained by getting your hands dirty and doing new things. So that when you fail, you would know what not to in the future. Therefore, this intrinsic preparedness for inevitable malfunction can be the difference between a neophyte and a seasoned campaigner. Consequently, it is paramount for people to look at bad experiences as a learning curve for their future, rather than a failure of expectations.

If there is something that I want you to take away from the above jargon, then it’s that no matter how gloomy the path gets or how caliginous the progress becomes, you must embrace all the darkness so that it can assist you to see the lustre in the drab mist.

This weeks blog was written by Jaideep! You can connect with him on LinkedIn using the link below :)

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