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Starting your path on Personal Development

Did you let go of something that was weighing you down? Or did you not bite your nails today? Or made your bed right after waking up in the morning?

Congratulations! You are on the right path to personal development!

Personal development eh? How is that possible, you may think, I am not getting in the right shape, walking out that toxic relationship and neither am I improving on my grades/career, then how can I be plausibly on the right path of personal development? Well, first of all, you got to understand that self-improvement is not the endgame but a process, therefore every step that you take in the positive or negative direction has a dramatic impact on your personal development.

Let me cite an example, a mundane job such as brushing your teeth may not seem like an activity that can psychologically help you, but what if you opt for your non-dominant hand instead of your dominant hand for brushing? That will make things interesting. This is because when you use your non-dominant hand, you are demand efficiency from your brain the same way you do while brushing regularly, but because it is unnatural and tricky, your brain goes berserk. While on the outside you may just look like a struggling toddler, but on the inside, certain lobes of your brain are lit up like it’s Christmas. But, how does this have anything to do with personal development? Well, as a matter of fact, it has a lot to do with it. While you are struggling to reach weird corners of your mouth, your brain is fabricating new connections among the motor cortex of the frontal lobe. These connections are not just making you more competent with your non-dominant hand but developing new pathways that will improve the flow of ideas and information. This therefore is going to result in improve cognitive skills that will enhance your ability to be creative and witty.

We all fancy the idea of personal growth but how many of us really put in the effort and commitment required to ensure the quality work, we lax work, but desire result. Also, it's not about taking grave steps of restabilising your entire heating habits to indulge in a healthy lifestyle. The change could be as tiny as switching one meal with a salad or being aware while binging on fatty food! Want to get in shape, you don't necessarily have to enroll in a gym if that’s too much of a commitment, jog your way while getting the groceries or ditch the public transport and walk down the hill to fetch stuff, start small but start now!

So, my friend, the only way you’ll be able to make massive changes in your life is by accumulating small-small rectifications that compound to a beautifully enormous result.

This blog was written by Jaideep Singh and Juhi Agarwal!

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