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The fine line of Confidence

"Do not be a football to other people's opinion"

"Be smart and know your game, it's almost impossible for people to push you around"

"concrete knowledge gives you the courage to fight back to what you stand for"

All these platitudes, which we hear often from philosophers, advisors, and at times from our parents, have one hidden virtue in common, that is, Confidence.

A confident human being is unstoppable. They fill the room with their confident aura like the fragrance of a pleasant flower.

A confident person is never hesitant to ask for help or is rarely offended when corrected.

The trap of fear and desire often leads us to follow the trending dogma of seeking confirmation, validation, and approval from others, relying on their opinions about ourselves, instead of self-reflection and retrospection. Undermining the knowledge we have within and depending on a second person's knowledge base,(though, at times it is necessary to know the views of others, maybe, for improvements or modifications, blindly following them) is costing us our self-esteem, reliance, and confidence.

‌What we don’t understand is that it is only confident, who is empowered and has a granular competitive advantage over others. We must learn to channel our inner strength and wisdom to reach the summit of our talents

how often have you found yourself submitting to other person evaluation of your self worth? Honestly, I have, a lot of times and it is nothing to be ashamed about. This is because it was a learning and recovering experience, now when I look back and join the dots, I understand those were the days when the peaks of ill confidence in me were the highest.

How can something so variable as scholastic reports, fancy garments, and financial statements be a measure to substantiate self-worth? Now is all the time we have to change. Change the perspective of confidence.

Confidence is how we see ourselves, whether people like it or not. It's is the will to roam around embracing oneself candidly, unbothered about what's there in other people's head about you, striving and thriving to turn the lemons into lemonades :)

Here are a few hacks to emphasize self qualities and amplify the confidence in your life.

Affirm yourself with all the positivity, inculcate a habit of motivating self-talk and keep a gratitude journal.

Thank you so much to Juhi from India for writing this blog! We really appreciate you taking the time to do this

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