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We all need faith

Faith is a complicated thing and that's why Isa and I usually struggle to explain it. It's something that is very personal to the individual but one thing we noticed is that its most important when you’re in a new, difficult situation. Now, we're all going to be put in new situations unexpectedly, and that why practicing faith every day is so important. By building it up every day, when we are put in that situation, we're in a much better place to deal with it.

Let’s just take the example of quarantine for weeks we were unsure of when it was going to end, whether or not there would be a second wave. The only thing we could do is have faith. That could have been faith in God that he’ll end it soon, faith in doctors to come up with an antibody, or maybe just faith in yourself to get through this. Holding to the bigger picture is often the only way to persevere through hard times, so what’s your big picture? 

Isa and I have both noticed that by strengthening our faith, dealing with unpredictable situations becomes much easier. We feel more comfortable as we know that whatever it is, we’re going through, there’s a way out and things will get better. That doesn’t always mean that the way out is easy, but at least we always know that there is one.

If you have any questions for us or are struggling with your faith then why not send us a message, you can do it anonymously here :)

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