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What is faith?

Hi guys! Hope that you are well. I wanted to share this reflection that I made with you about having faith. I have lately been asked a lot about my religion, and specifically about people doubting lots of facts about it.

One question that I was asked lately was “do you really think the Virgin Mary got pregnant by God? Maybe she just had an affair and just made everything up”.

It made me ask myself, how on earth do I explain to him that I simply believe and it’s just because I have faith. So, let’s think about it this way, your head hurts so what do you do? You go to the doctors and they give you something to make you feel better. They may tell you to take ibuprofen for example, and you simply do what to have been told to. And why? It’s because it’s going to be good for you. It’s the same with faith. You believe what you have been told because you know it’s for your own good and in time you’ll be able to feel the difference and that’s what’s key. You don’t ask what the ibuprofen contains and what it will specifically do to your cells in order to get rid of the headache. No. Just simply believe. Trust me.

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