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Why is the world against me?

I have lately felt that the world is against me. I think everybody at least once has thought “why is this only happening to me?” and felt that their whole life is a meme. Life is tough, and you never know what is going to happen next. Maybe another pandemic starts or maybe we end up invaded by aliens.

Who knows?

But in this kind of situation, you can only do two things.

A) Be miserable and just lock yourself away from everyone else. Keeping everything to yourself and complain all day long. When you do this you'll more than likely be doing this too... Overthinking, overthinking, overthinking. OMG, the act of thinking about problems that don’t exist at the moment and turning them into much bigger problems.


B) Accept that this is happening to you. Talk to someone about it, with an open mind (I know how hard it can be sometimes), and understand that you are going to learn so much in this situation. PATIENCE. It's so important and people don’t realise that you can exercise your patience and increase It with time.

Breathe. Take time for yourself. Recharge your batteries and use your struggle to become a better person. You chose which option you want to take!

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